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Sportster Replay Plug & Play

Dashboard mounted satellite radio unit with 30 preset channels, 44 minutes of content replay, and Game Alert that tells when favorite team is playing and when they score

Editor's Rating:Not yet rated.
Reader Rating:4

Reader Reviews

Good thing Santa is high-tech

I made sure to ask Santa (a.k.a Mom and Dad) for this item early because I knew there would be a shortage around Christmas with the arrival of Howard Stern in January. And I was right, everyone I spoke with that went to Circuit City and Best Buy around that time of the year was unable to find this model. Good thing Santa is high-tech and was savvy enough to order it online from Sirius. I love almost everything about this product, with two exceptions, which I'll tell you about below. But, first I want to tell everyone about the good stuff. Obviously the tons of great programming goes without saying. I can honestly say that I have not listened to local radio since Christmas Day. Now, for my favorite feature. I know this sounds lazy, but I love the remote. I know, I know, how lazy can I be that I can't even lean a little forward in my seat to press a button? Well, I'm sorry, but the remote for the Replay is it's best feature. You never have to touch the console itself, which is a good thing because it is farther away than the factory installed radio. After you find a place to keep the remote and don't have to search for it every time you put it down, you'll find the remote to be very handy. You can operate every feature, from setting channel presets and recording content to adding favorite songs to memory. Now for the bad stuff. My first, and biggest complaint, is that I can't set up artist alerts. I am only able to set up alerts for specific songs. At first I thought it was user error because my boyfriend purchased a cheaper model and was able to set up artist alerts, but after consulting the manual I found out I was doing things correctly, it's just that the Replay doesn't have the feature. I mean really, I love the song Yellow, by ColdPlay, but that's not the only ColdPlay song I'd like to listen to. I definitely think it would have made more sense to give me the ability to set up alerts by artist and alerts by songs. My second complaint is trivial, but I was pretty annoyed about it for a while, so I think it's worth mentioning. I drive a New Beetle and the middle of the dash is rounded, Please let me say that I know I shouldn't have expected the suction cup to stick to the rounded surface, but I have to tell you that's exactly where it started out, and stayed without every moving, for the first month I had it. And then, one day I came out to my car and found it lying on the floor. After my first half-dozen attempts (coupled with a few choice words) at putting it back in it's original place, I finally admitted defeat and placed it on the flat surface of the dash on the passenger's side. So, to conclude, I'm very satisfied with the service and in general I am satisfied with the Replay. But, if I had to do it over again, if I knew now what I knew then, I may have gone with another model..


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