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Front view of the product mounted on a car dashboard. The 10 preset buttons are visible on the bottom row

Delphi XM SKYFi2

Dashboard mounted satellite radio unit with 30 preset channel ability and stock ticker display

Editor's Rating:3
Reader Rating:4

Reader Reviews

Would highly recommend this product to commuters

I actually got this as a belated Valentine's gift (and, yes, the gift is romantic in its very own, very personal way). But, back to the product. Let me start by saying that I love XM. Other than the tuning of the car radio to 107.5 to pick up the XM signal, I don't think I'll ever use FM radio in my local market. There's no good music! Using the SKYFi, I start my commute with Channel 230, which is a continously read traffic report, and once I hear the commute conditions, I switch to 82, The System, or Chrome on 83, and driving to work feels like a party. I don't mind the commute as much anymore thanks to my SKYFi. For that reason alone, it's worth the cost.
You can "direct tune" the device using numeric buttons, or there is a wheel to turn. The wheel sucks. Find the stations you want and put them into the presets.
My biggest beef is that I didn't appreciate the way the memory works. The device will let you jump back to the previous song and put the song on pause. But, if you cut the power, that little playlist you just built is lost, unless I am missing something. I had to have the device professionally installed at Best Buy, which was a little expensive relative to the price of the product, but the service there was good and efficient. Overall, though, I would highly recommend this product to commuters and music lovers..

ProductGuide Editor Reviews

Solid, but Limited Product

The XM service overall is quite good and well thought out, although several of us here at ProductGuide don't think that this particular receiver is as well thought out. The first thing one notices is the iPod-like wheel device that is the "tuner" (channel changer). The first thing one is tempted to do is to run one's finger across it as if it's an iPod. But it's not. The wheel has a rubber outer coating and must be turned like a big, clunky knob. In that regard, it would have been better, if less fancy, if they had just used a regular knob instead of the faux wheel.
On the plus side, the system has 3 preset groups, for a total of 30 presets. This is certainly much better than anything one would typically find on a factory installed car stereo. As a device for listening to music in the car, this is a fine choice.
Strangely, the system can rewind and replay the previous song listened to, yet it cannot store those songs in a permanent playlist, which is a major, and perhaps fatal flaw for the product. If you need an improvement to a car radio, this is definitely a product to consider, but it's not the best in its class.


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